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Nature's Way Pet Aquamation
  • Saying Goodbye is never easy

    Lay your friend to rest with gentle water based pet cremation services. Prices as low as $149
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Respect Your Pet and the Environment

Mid-Michigan's preferred end of life service provider for pets and their families.

Your pet is a part of your family. Nature's Way Pet Aquamation in Lansing, MI can help you respect your pet's life and memory with gentle water based pet cremation services and memorial items. We're one of the only aquamation providers in Michigan.

Our water-based cremation service is a gentler and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation because there is no fire involved. You'll know your pet is being handled with care when you work with us. You can request your pet's remains be stored in a special urn or choose our scattering service.

When you are ready to say goodbye to your beloved pet, call 517-657-8654 and make an appointment for our pet aquamation services.

Pet Aquamation

Learn why pet aquamation may be right for you and your pet.

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Memorial Items

Fondly remember your pet with carefully crafted memorial keepsakes.


We help your pet pass in the comfort of their own home.