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Nature's Way Pet Aquamation

Memorial Items

Clay Paw Print


Ink Paw Print


Ink Nose Print


Heart Shaped Tin for your loved one's fur


Custom Woodburning

Name & Paw Print


Clay Paw Print




Blown-Glass Items

Available colors are: red, yellow, orange, green, teal, blue, pink, purple, black and white.

Alternatively, we have available pre-mixed color palettes: Cool Color Mix, Warm Color Mix, Cathedral Ornament Color Mix and Rainbow Color Mix.

Blown-Glass Paw Print holder with Clay Paw Print


*You can choose up to 3 colors

Pet Remains Infused Blown-Glass Egg


*You can choose up to 3 colors

**Light up base sold separately.

Light Base


Glass Necklace

Please contact for more information

Some more examples of our blown-glass items.

Custom Urns

Due to the unique nature of custom urns, please contact us for pricing.