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Nature's Way Pet Aquamation

Our Gentle Process Sets Us Apart!

Nature's Way Pet Aquamation is proud to be the first to provide aquamation to our community. 

We treat all pets trusted to our care with compassion, dignity, and respect. By trusting Nature's Way Pet Aquamation with your pet's end of life and after life care, you are choosing the most compassionate and gentle choice for your pet, and the most environmentally responsible choice for our community.

What is Aquamation?

Most environmental issues are caused by the living; but have you ever considered the environmental impact of death? 

Alkaline hydrolysis uses and combination of water and potassium hydroxide to dissolve the deceased. It is a greener option compared with traditional flame-based cremations as it uses 1/2 the energy of traditional cremation in a process that doesn't produce toxic gases or air pollutants. 

Frequently Asked Questions